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Marymount Secondary School Parent-Teacher Association

The 26th Executive Committee Members 2023-2024

Ex-officio Members

Dr. Eadaoin Hui (Supervisor)


Mr. Kyle Chan (Principal)


Mrs. Celia Ng (Vice-Principal)


Mr. Thomas Cheung (S5B Parent)



Mr. Dunstan Yap (S2A Parent)


Teacher Co-ordinator

Mrs. Elaine Yu (Teacher)



Ms. Dora Lee (S3B Parent)

Miss Noelle Tsang (Teacher)



Mr. Andy Leung (S1B Parent)

Ms. Magdalene Sun (Teacher)


Committee Members

Liaison Officer 

Ms. Rosanna Ma (S2D Parent)


Activities Officers

Mrs. Mel Balik (S2C Parent)

Ms. Mandy Huen (S3C Parent)

Ms. Ariel Fung (S1A and S2B Parent)

Publication Officers 

Ms. Kumiko Cheng (S4B Parent)

Teacher Members

Miss Joanne Chan

Mrs. Esther Poon 

Miss Rachelle To 


Chairperson's message

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

I remember when I got the result of my daughter’s application of Marymount Primary School, I was overjoyed and no words can express my gratefulness.  Time flies and she is now studying S3 in Marymount Secondary School already.  Whenever she shares her school life with mum and myself, we can picture her dedicated teachers, wonderful schoolmates, colourful ECS activities, and most importantly, a values driven learning experience designed under Ignatian spirituality.  I believe we all share similar experiences and strongly believe that we had made the best choice for our daughters.

As part of Marymount community, we parents could participate and contribute in different ways in school development.  One of the key missions of Parent Teacher Association is to organize different activities for parents so that we can make new friends, share parenting tips, learn from professionals and strengthen our communal spirit.  During the past two years, most PTA activities were either cancelled or going “virtual”.  Thanks to our collective efforts, our daughters would resume normal school life this year, and so would the various PTA events.  We are more than excited to meet more fellow parents in person.  In addition, Marymount is celebrating the 95th anniversary this year.  We could share the jubilant spirit as Marymount family through more participation in the upcoming events.  See you soon!

Best regards,

Thomas Cheung

Marymount Secondary School Parent-Teacher Association

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